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10 Steps to Freeing Your Home and Yourself From Clutter

Posted by Kim Burton on January 4, 2016
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Did you receive magazines for Christmas? Perhaps Santa put some in your stocking if you were a good boy or girl. Mine are always design oriented and as I flip through them Christmas Day as I wait to fill my face with yummy food repeatedly, I’m always impressed by how lovely and uncluttered the homes are. But, allowing your home to breathe and thus yourself doesn’t take super human skills, just some basic principles to follow.  Here are 10 steps to freeing your home and yourself from clutter. Enter 2016 with a clear mind.

  1. How Big is your Home?

Let the size of your home dictate how much stuff you have. If your closet is bursting with clothes, instead of wishing on a star for a big walk-in closet, par down your clothes to fit the space you have.

2. Purge Regularly

Stuff has a way of accumulating! So on a Quarterly basis set aside some time to go through your things and recycle to the goodwill anything you don’t use anymore. You will feel lighter, your home will feel lighter and someone somewhere will find the treasure they were always looking for.

3. “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”

It is definitely a cliché, but still the best organizing advice out there. Things that help; storage boxes, filing cabinets, a console, and loads of drawers.

4. Junk Drawers are NOT Junk!

Everyone has one and that’s OK. It’s for things that get used a lot but have no logical place to go. The last few bits of clutter are swept in there, and you’re done.

5. Habitual Putter Awayer….. Just Do It!

‘And everything has its place’ – Start the day easy make the beds, put that sweater back in the closet, put the bottle opener back in the drawer. If you continue to constantly put things back where they belong it will become a habit that you don’t ever realize you’re doing.  The next time you go looking for that item its right where it should be, your home will be less cluttered and your mind free to think on other things. Could anything motivate you more.

6. Store items where you use them.

Not having to walk upstairs or downstairs to put things away will make being a Habitual Putter Awayer that much easier

7. Stop clutter at the Door!

Set up a console table/ shelf at the front door, so when clutter has to come into your home you can stop it right at the source.

8. Go paper free.

Scanning all the documents you’ve been hanging onto may seem like a daunting task, but once you’re done, they’ll be easily searchable and you’ll have that much less stuff to manage.

9. Life is an Experience not a collection of things.

Advertisements try to convince us that a happy life is all about having the latest stuff: a new car, an outdoor kitchen, an ice cream maker. However, studies have shown, that it isn’t the things in our lives that make us happy: it’s our experiences that we treasure most (Hello Instagram). Therefore, the next time you are tempted to buy more stuff, ask yourself if the money wouldn’t be better spent on a vacation or a nice night out.

10. Forgive Yourself!

Remember that nobody is perfect, and nobody’s home is perfect. Even the homes you see in the magazines aren’t perfect — it took a whole team of stylists to make them that way. So if you have an off week, or two weeks, or month, and suddenly your house is a disaster, don’t panic. It’s never too late to forgive yourself and try again.

Then relax and enjoy the rest of 2016, knowing that you are all set for a super energized, organized new year!

[Inspired by: Apartment Therapy]

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